Feeling like Christopher Columbus With My New Discovery: P.S.S.T

Wikipedia defines P.S as Postscript, (post scriptum), a message appended to a letter after the writer’s signature.

I’ve used P.S in a bunch of the notes I write but I never knew what it stood for. So of course first I tried to figure it out myself. Umm …. Pickled sneaker…pretty secret…err the second one sounds close but I know it’s not right. So I Google it and DING! There it is .Postscript. But…

Then there is P.S.S. After your done with your P.S, you end that thought with a period and then you have another thought you’d like to add to the note. You have to write it separately but how do that? P.S.S of course! But what does the third S stand for? Well I couldn’t think of anything that made sense SO I added a T making it P.S.S.T. Umm.. Post Script, Stop Talking or psst(:


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