Not So Very Cute Pet Names

  • I love you, my little garbage can.
  • You’re the cutest, my moldy rock pointing north.
  • I couldn’t stop thinking of you, stinky Stella.
  • Oh you really shouldn’t have,  my expired egg salad sandwich.
  • Thank you so much, my monthly bill I act doesn’t exist.
  • Good morning, my wrinkly walrus.
  • How was your day, cow pie?
  • Your hair looks…alright better, my sweaty gym socks.

6 thoughts on “Not So Very Cute Pet Names

  1. I also think that any nickname related to 70s popular garb is/are not especially cute, although they may appear as such surface-ficially.

    “Hey my little beret…”
    “How’s bell-bottom doing today?”
    “Is Paisley having a bad day?”
    “Does Suspenders want to go bowling?”
    “Why’s Flair pants in such a bad mood? Bad Shrimp?”

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