LOVE: The Leaking of Various Emotions

Its an emotion that can cause destruction, stalking, fictitious butterflies in the tummy. On the other side of the spectrum, it can cause bliss, surprise, and the regeneration of energy in the human soul.

Just because emotions are not tangible does not mean they do not exist. Love is something real. Its just some of use have not experienced it or cannot identify it even if it slapped them in the face or stabbed them in the buttock.

Be on the watch for these symptoms:

  • A butt cramp/Stabbing feeling in butt area/Arrow lodged in butt cheek from unidentified bow and archer.
  • A mushy feeling wreaking havoc on ones mental. Feeling as  light as a feather and deceiving you to have the ability to float is common. DO NOT attempt jumping or even coming close to the edge of a cliff.
  • A comforting feeling when with family. Yet an awkward feeling when a it is between a boy or girl you have proclaimed it to and all they have to say in return to say is thanks.
  • With family, love is forced upon you to feel and express. Yet when its the duty of the other family members, it is repetitively forgotten.

3 thoughts on “LOVE: The Leaking of Various Emotions

  1. So… If all they say is “thanks” that’s a bad sign, huh? Maybe I should cancel payment on that check to the jeweler….

  2. I believe that the best.Though if the Jeweler has beat you to it and cashed the check, there are a range of things a single man can do with an engagement ring. For
    instance, if you weren’t very modest on the size of the jewel, you can shine ‘the rock’ in the sun, angling it perfectly to blind a couple who rub their lust for each other in your face.

    • I’ve been looking for a convenient way to blind people. And they have a bay window that could use some scratchin! Maybe it’s all for the best, huh? Who needs love when you have revenge!

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