8 thoughts on “Okay, Who Turned Off the Lights?

    • I fear nagging them could potentially lead to my eyes going on strike. And then what? My eyes know I am a klutz, after the many times I have poked them with a straw, my bad due to miscalculating the projection to my mouth, I will certainly end up killing myself after walked off a cliff I never knew was there….well now I know, now I know…

  1. Don’t give up hope. I had the exact same problem when I was younger and now at 35 my eyes actually improved! It was a difficult journey for my eyes, you know, going to night school, long hours in the library, but the did get better. Now instead if wearing glasses with two corrective lenses I wear one contact. Although I am now considering the monocle.

    • Thanks for supporting my nonsense.(: I’ll make sure to send some your way as well. I believe there are other methods for dealing with my “dependent” eye. I could give it a lecture. My mom and teachers always have fate in those as they both use this method repetitively over the years. I could also invest in an eye patch. I wonder if I could be as functional as I am now if I stop using my eyesight and rely on another sense of mine.

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