Everything Has an Evil Twin

If only the evil twins helped by identifying themselves properly

If everything has an evil twin, I must investigate and identify them properly.

Pencil: The irreversible

Cats: Dogs

Arguments: World peace

Teacher:  Disciples

Imagination: Math

Torturing : Entertained

Glue: Gravity

Door: Freedom

Sparkles: Dandruff

False Advertising: The truth will set you  free!

Ticklish: Grumpy

Racing: Eh, I will get to it eventually

Obvious: Mumbling

Love: The disgust for the cootie-infested

Balance: Injuries due to clumsiness

Books: The movie version

Food: The inedible

Punch: Punch

Potential: An inconvenience to society

If only identifying who is the evil twin between the two were simple. It’s not like the Simpsons where a scar serves for identification purposes.

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