What is it that we tend to shove? It is not until it is too late that we realize it would have been best if we remembered to administer to the -unidentified object- some T.L.C.

Allow me to remind you all what we shove:

  • dogs who take too long sniffing everything
  • strangers taking a stroll in the park and cause a traffic jam on the side-walk
  • people into or out of lines, books into the wrong section on shelves, people into cars, ideas into the mind of the youth
  • excitement into people who did not mind depression
  • regrettably served cereal back into box
  • marshmallows into our mouth
  • bodies into trash bags
  • trash into trash bags
  • feet into snug shoes
  • fat into clothing
  • words (using the fabulous adverb “actually”) into others’ conversation
  • Slurpee into the entire cup and lid (even allowing it overflow)
  • clothing and souvenirs into luggage
  • productivity to the last hour of the day
  • dirty laundry in the soon to be avalanche of clothes hidden behind the doors of our closet
  • spoons disguised as rocket ships or trains into babies mouths
  • doors that say pull
  • a wall we thought was a secret passage way
  • straws into lids
  • face into windows so face looks smushed
  • refused dollar bills from the vending machine back into the machine.

Next time you shove, think, am I being too rough and this situation really should be handled with delicacy? or I had a bad day and I must let out my anger on an innocent bystander or else I will spoil my face with unattractive pout face that fear makes me believe might never wear off?

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