Appearance Vs. Reality

Bald Men:

If you’re that kind of gal who always need to see her reflection yet never carries a handy dandy mirror, a bald man will comfort your insatiable desire. Make sure he waxes his bald spot so his shine allows you to check your teeth.


Hidden behind their luscious meadow of fluff are teeth that were the inspiration for the guillotine


An dream that will continue to be a dream.And only in the dream will it become an reality. When there is no  method of transportation to reach the end, find a pot of gold, a  a leprechaun that would of been a really great friend.

TV Commercials:

No money, No care. I really don’t trust strangers, especially their opinions


They don’t speak and we can’t turn out heads our heads 180 degrees to see our back side. Cue evil laughs for unseen chewed gum and statically charged undies stuck on butt


DO NOT OPEN.  You do not want to be involved. The box will remain a box, not a tampered box where you are the prime suspect in changing the status of it.


Learn to interpret, not to read. Eyes are not books. Any misinterpretation will result in stalkers or restraining orders.

4 thoughts on “Appearance Vs. Reality

    • The love for your husband must be stronger than that of other women and their husbands with long, luscious locks of hair must be like. Their love is only at the hair follicle. You, on the other hand, love your husband past superficiality. You and him become one as you see yourself through his shiny head that glistens in the sun.

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