The Point of Waiting

Some say it taste sweet, then savory after chewing.

That sensation can only be felt by those who don’t scarf down life.

Those who are unable to wait have never listened to a red light.

Some fear that by waiting, they will become “waiting”, frozen in time and the wait yields no reward.


Tips to master…


  • Order pizza. Tell them to deliver “30 minutes or more”
  • Brush teeth tooth by tooth.*
  • Instead of eating dessert last, eat it next week
  • Wait for the mail on Sunday
  • FREEZE. You  have frostbite. All that functions is your brain. Oh, an avalanche has made impossible  for you to return to your cozy home.  Helicopters will (most likely) arrive in 15- 20 business day
  • Wait for the signal.


*time varies on an individual’s dental history.

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