Reasons to Defy the Man

Being rebellious deserves more respect. It is like defying gravity. We remove the boundaries that restrict joy.

  1. Many times people say the exact opposite of what they want you to do(reverse physiology). Others expect you to do something without being told, like you were born all-knowing.
  2. Uncool and unpopular? Have aviators that need some face-time yet it is has been difficult, to the point that it has become a burden on your virtual social life,  to find an appropriate time and place to wear them?
  3. Possibility of an award.  You know, like a girl scout badge, ribbon, or trophy. These are all reasons for a ceremony, photograph, cake, and party, all where you are the main attraction and a topic of an array of choices to converse over.
  4. Chicks like a rebel. Just remember, don’t become  psychotic. Its a turn off.
  5. Finally, any flaw of yours has  becomes a reason to add your infamous reputation. Lucky you, one more thing to add you resume.

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