I just love satire. (:

The Yellow Daily Journal

Mega-giant, mass producing, fast food purveyor, McDonalds announced, today, it’s newest product: The McRomney. Each year McDonalds tries to introduce new sandwiches or other products to reflect current social trends, such as movies or pop culture references, and this year it is the McRomney.

A statement released by McDonalds describes the new burger as, bland and tasteless when by itself, but if put next to another product, it takes on the characteristics of the other food. Danya Proud, Chief Media Officer for McDonalds, US, said, “We aren’t endorsing any particular candidate with this product, it was just the easiest to coin out of all the candidates. We think it will be even bigger than our 2008, McCain Candy Cane Shake, which had to be left out for three days before being served. And let’s face it our customers don’t make the best decisions anyway. We have another product lined up…

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