The Motivation Behind the Time Machine

Regret is why we all wish in some moment in our life that we had the ability to time travel . Now, If someone had invented the time machine sometime in the future then someone would of traveled to the past to do it sooner. None of that has occurred so I conclude that the time machine will never happen. A time machine will be the reason we regret our future, the future we know nothing about.

Create a makeshift time machine :

  • Acts a few seconds younger, a few minutes less updated to friend’s updates or celebrity tweets.
  • Destroy objects that are reminders of time. This means clocks, watches, computers, televisions. If a tree falls, but no one is there, it doesn’t make a noise.  So this means if time continues but no one is there to watch it go by, does time continue? Lets find out.
  • Move, to a new dimension. Even better, create a new one. It’s as easy as creating a new whole in the ozone layer.
  • Go to the future. Make it the past and return to the present. Once you reach your future, It becomes your past.
  • Hire a magical being to aid you. Don’t seek a doctors advice. Their diagnosis for your regret is depression. Your doc will be handed a bottle of happy pills that requires a payment  specifically withdrawn from your  time travel savings.  (In a way you do still go back in time-financially)
  • You will continue forward in life while the rest of the universe are forced to hold their positions. Returning to the past is as easy as retracing your steps.

A dictatorship or parents hinder your plans to set sale? Innocently drop an object in the past. This anchor is the the excuse to return to your past.

Need an explanation for your time travel dreams? Here is is:  The past is like a library book. You checked it out in your past  but never get around to returning it while in the present. Now that you realize this is past business that has yet to be cleared. You are obligated to return to the past and settle matters, and fees, so your reputation at the library isn’t demolished .


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