“Framed by life’s worst interior decorator”

Dear SolutionSifter16, 
Even if you don't follow me on Twitter, you have heard of my 
story. Fate decided to plop me in my house, where I became the
only known person present,other than the victim, when authorities
discovered the scene of the crime.The evidence clearly points
to me as the doer of bad. I know the gist of my rights after 
late nights filled with cop reruns. I claim innocence until 
my lawyers quits on me. I should also mention that my lawyer 
isn't very  happy with the bribe I gave him. (It was a 
substantially less than what I had originally promised him.) 
Can you devise a plan that points the blame at another?

Not it!

Dear Not it!, 
Look out your window, out on the sidewalk are people willing
to do a favor if you just name the right price. From the assorted
volunteers available, pick the one whose disappearance/crime 
affiliation would be no shocker to society. I recommend the girl
who is in the process of freezing because of her poor choice in
outfit. Lure her in your home with the promising warmth and the 
crime scene, or should I say "Highly publicized on Yahoo News" 
and quoted as "an unimaginable sight that overwhelms the senses". 
As the warmth puts her to sleep, set her in the room with the 
faulty door knob. Call the police with a complaint that someone 
is in your home. As police arrive and bust down your door (it just
one many faulty doors in the residency), point to the room with
the sleeping girl, or the "source of the disturbing noise".
As they bust down that room's door, they will discover a girl who 
dresses like an authentic crime scene creator. Your defense in 
court now is that this girl is guilty of turning the human into 
a victim. 


SolutionSifter16's motto is:
If you can pay to make it better, whip out that wallet. 

Guaranteed to find a solution to your dilemma with SolutionSifter16 

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