Excuses: Why I’m not wearing any pants

  • I am protesting the ambiguity of “no shoes no shirt no service signs”
  • Walking has caused my lower body to over heat
  • I am a little too in love with my finely chiseled thighs and calves
  • It was either my pants or my underwear. My hope was to avoid being uncomfortable from deciding to wear my jeans without undies.
  • At least one thing you dream about should come to life. I chose this.
  • My bruises hurt too much to wear my pants.
  •  It’s really hot in my room and no one’s home. (by: Lysana Lafas)
  • I lied and they caught fire.. (by: oneswhoneveryawn)
  • Need to change but don’t want to go upstairs (by: Lisa Miller)
  • I don’t own any…
  • One drunk day I made a pact with the devil.  After breaking it, I had to suffer the consequences
  • Someone responded positively to my “eat my shorts” request
  • A robber caught up to  me after I got out of work and  was extremely jealous of how good my butt looked in them.
  • Today was another “bad pants day”
  • I was excited to show everyone the pair of underwear I found in the clearance section
  • someone ripped off my shirt so I ripped off my pants, so I didn’t look stupid
  • I want to start the next regrettable fashion craze
  • …there is a rumor going around that pants are revealing their relationships with belts and running away…
  • I went into my closet and someone had stolen all of my pants, leaving a note saying, “Will return for some shoes.” (by: MEF)
  • My imaginary friend said pants were overrated and underwear was understated. Of course I listened. (by:MEF)
  • Hipster Answer: I am wearing pants you just never seen them before. (by:Ashlyn)

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