Check Yourself Out to Charity

Yep. I’m talking about volunteering.

It is my recent addiction. I feel like what I imagine an extreme couponer and a hoarder must feel as they do what they do, yet I’m not crazy (Yeah, yeah, it doesn’t help that my name rhymes with crazy). The most frequently asked question I get as a volunteer is “Why do you do it?”. Well…

1. The free stuff. I am a fan of the free shirt. They become my new pajama or clothes when I don’t feel like doing my laundry.

2.The experience. It is something I can put on a resume…whenever I decide to type one up.  Free entrance to the event isn’t bad either. I just pay in labor, gas to get their and pesky parking. Free admission to my school’s talent show was cool.I was able to meet the performers, hold their wallets…

3. Food. I must admit, this is the jackpot.  Free Pizza. Free Water bottles. Free Catering. Free Subway. Free ❤

4. I just don’t want to be at home. Rather than rot in front of the television or melt on the couch from my apartment/ convection oven over the summer, I volunteered in an office with AC. I  felt like a refugee.

5. I like offices. That’s my dream job. A cubicle isn’t a sad prison but paradise. Paperclips, a stapler, color post its and highlighters!!! …I have this thing for stationary.

6. ITS SO FUN. & I don’t have a paying job taking away my free-time.





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