C’mon, Just One More Thing?

What should go in our bags but just by fate or because of distractions does not.

Toothpicks: Self defence must always be keep warmed up in the brain as a thought. Toothpicks are the most economical and compact choice, when it comes to being safe. And if you went out for dinner at a steak house, the toothpick is great for dessert. YAY for Fiber!…Nay to polyester fibers!

Ruler: These things are your best pals as they are excellent when it comes to winning bets.  Be one with the ruler. Once spending enough time with the ruler, you will be able to tell the length of  any an object, ranging from one to twelve inches or one to 30 centimeters.

Gum: Bags need to have a built-in  special compartment that locks  up one strip of  gum and only opens when your breath secretes a smell that proves your breath has escalated to a code red status alert,  you have halitosis and need a quick fix. Gum is the edible, but not recommended to be ingested, duct tape.

Off-Task Revelations

Today I sat alone in math, in the very back, granting me such freedom allows me to drift my attention from the whiteboard to my thoughts.

Girls do not like hairy legs yet the hairier the eyelid, the better? Alright...