R.I.P Pillow

After a long day of testing my fifth period my teacher put on the movie ANNIE. I remember when the orphans are cleaning and then they start wacking eachother with pillows. Feathers start coming out of the pillows and flying everywhere. I want one of those pillows…..

Feeling like Christopher Columbus With My New Discovery: P.S.S.T

Wikipedia defines P.S as Postscript, (post scriptum), a message appended to a letter after the writer’s signature.

I’ve used P.S in a bunch of the notes I write but I never knew what it stood for. So of course first I tried to figure it out myself. Umm …. Pickled sneaker…pretty secret…err the second one sounds close but I know it’s not right. So I Google it and DING! There it is .Postscript. But…

Then there is P.S.S. After your done with your P.S, you end that thought with a period and then you have another thought you’d like to add to the note. You have to write it separately but how do that? P.S.S of course! But what does the third S stand for? Well I couldn’t think of anything that made sense SO I added a T making it P.S.S.T. Umm.. Post Script, Stop Talking or psst(:

Love-Hate Relationships With Your Material Objects

So here are some things I(definitely) and you(maybe) love then hate:

– New Clothes.
I think this happens to loads of people, especially girls. something just isn’t the same. Its like its magically transformed into something awful.
The Weekend.
Sometimes its too short or nothing is good on T.V. or you don’t do anything and you just stay home.
A Song.
Its been played too many times or I finally understand hat the song is about and its disgusting.
Particular People.
The more you get to know them you realized the friendship is not meant to be.
– A Color.
As a little kid I liked the color pink. Now I like the color orange.
Your Haircut.
It looks goood BUT it didn’t turn out how you wanted it. Now its terrible. You wanted it just like the person in the picture. You can never get it just like the picture. Stupid picture….
Some Books.
If I am forced to read a book there is a good chance by the time I finished it I will hate it and want to burn it…but its a school copy so I must return it in perfect condition. Sometimes I will like a book, sometimes. Then I want to keep it but again I am reminded it belongs to the school. *sigh*
– Food.
Not food all together, I mean a food. Like maybe you love cake and you eat a whole bunch of it then you get sick and throw up now you hate it. I like cake but I have gotten sick from eating some foods and now they’re the nastiest thing ever.

There are also times you hate something and then later on you love them. Weird but True.