Cloud shapes help remind the forgetful

What is the best way to feel like a millionaire when you spend your allowance?


Look at the sky. We see the other world that goes on there-just like when we stick our heads in the ocean.

It would be a bit more beneficial when  checking up there to see more than missiles of pigeon poop and floating viruses planning to use me as a place to multiply and thrive.

Once we know how harness cloud power for the use of personal reminders, I will have a few suggestions on the topic and, who knows, there will be a new investment for you in the blogosphere.

A cloud could remind us not to forget the keys in the car, wash our hands, we have children and they need to be picked up from… where exactly?, and to water our  fish.


Welcome to the Boring Infomercial

We are (no so) very sorry to interrupt your (more important and interesting) TV show for BREAKING NEWS! (Nothing is actually broken… rarely!) Have you heard of the JUNK™?

Welcome to the Boring Infomercial

Well here is your one in a life time chance to get your hands (or foot and even tongue) on JUNK™!

JUNK™ is the most useless thing you will EVER purchase (this is the only true fact I will say).


Hard thing to swallow ain’t it?

That’s how I feel about my vitamins.

So as I was bragging, JUNK™ is sparkly.

AWESOME?!  I KNOW!!! I own two! No wait…27.

You can own JUNK™.

It is very simple.

Call a phone number, any. Don’t believe them (modest people) if they claim to not sell JUNK™.

Give the machine operator, Mr. Killer Robot all your credit card information, your home address, All relatives home address and also your friends, PLUS anyone  else’s you happen to know. Give their phone number and most recent picture of them.

The phone call will proceed with asking some personal questions like:

Do you have a crush, how many cats do you own, would anyone care if you disappeared for a while? Forever? Is this conversation being monitored/ recorded? Would you like more JUNK™? What are you wearing? Team Edward or Jacob? Have you ever used drugs? Can you get me some? Can you eat my shorts? And what’s up? You order should be delivered as soon as I—silence–

Don’t worry; the killer robot must have (obviously) gone under a tunnel.

Tag, You’re it!

Oh no! I’ve been infected.

Just tagged? Okie dokie.  (:

Rules I must obey…

  • Post the rules
  • Post 11 facts about myself
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 11 new questions to ask the people you tagged.
  • Tag other bloggers (11 suggested) . Make sure you hyperlink their names/blogs
  • Let them know that you tagged them.

Facts I must share….

11 Birthday Wishes (out of 17)

  1. I wish for a camera. I’d like to document the world’s failure to destroy us all. Earth has somehow grown attached to us. It’s probably been decided by a higher force, gravity.
  2. I wish to develop skills. What kind? Productive.
  3. I wish for immunity against inconvenience.
  4. I wish to develop the power to freeze time.
  5. For the world, I wish it dinosaurs.
  6. To my parents, I wish patience towards me.
  7. To my brother I wish they give me money instead me to them.
  8. I wish for neato pens and notebooks.
  9. I wish to go to San Francisco.
  10. I wish for a micro piggy and a new car.
  11. I wish that my wishes work in my favor.

Questions I must answer…

1.Hunger Games or Harry Potter?

I love: (the movie) Harry Potter.  Tom Felton. PotterPuppetPals.

2.TV shows or movies?

TV addict.  Known for referencing. Favorite show: Courage the Cowardly Dog. Watch The Simpsons, The Office, SNL, The Big Bang Theory.

3.Who is your favorite Winnie the Pooh character?

I remember liking piglet. Pink and a Pig. Those are my indisputable reasons why Piglet is the best.

4.Do you play a musical instrument?

I have a rusty flute from fourth grade that  reminds me of my lack of musical talent.

5.Convertible or VW bug?

VW bug. The classic kind. Parents like to crush the idea of me feeling like a confident driver. They say when I am in an accident (not if I were),  the car and I will be crushed.

6.Flip-flops or sandals?

Sandals. I hate the annoying snap flip-flops make after every step I take.

7.Unicorn or Pegasus?

Pegasus. They are like unicorns who have an app for wings. Also, I don’t like driving in traffic.

8.What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss book.

The Grinch who Stole Christmas. Except Dr. Seuss books are really expensive.  I must watch the movie with Jim Carrey every year.

9.Who is your favorite musical artist?

Right now, Young the Giant.

10.Narwhal or Reindeer?

Narwhals. I haven’t heard a bad song about Narwhals. Reindeer are bullies.

11.What’s the weirdest thing that is in your room?

My older brother’s bed is covered 80% in clothing and what not and the pile is at least 2ft high. His adaptation to the environment he created  is fascinatingly weird. He is able to find a comfortable space to sleep.  Us humans have truly evolved.

The questions I desire to be answered….

  1. What is a topic you could go blabbing about for hours?
  2. An onomatopoeia or a hyperbole?
  3. Whats an invention you wish you could have invented first?
  4. Would you rather have a bajillion dollars or everything free?
  5. If you could only communicate  for the rest of your life using one word, what would it be?
  6. In your opinion, what is the creepiest thing in the world?
  7. What is your favorite scent?
  8. Name a price for your soul. (Trades are negotiable)
  9. Whats the weirdest thing you have found under your couch cushion?
  10. One word you have a difficult time pronouncing?
  11. What precautions have you taken for the end of the world, 2012?

Blogs I choose to tag….

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Excuses: Why I’m not wearing any pants

  • I am protesting the ambiguity of “no shoes no shirt no service signs”
  • Walking has caused my lower body to over heat
  • I am a little too in love with my finely chiseled thighs and calves
  • It was either my pants or my underwear. My hope was to avoid being uncomfortable from deciding to wear my jeans without undies.
  • At least one thing you dream about should come to life. I chose this.
  • My bruises hurt too much to wear my pants.
  •  It’s really hot in my room and no one’s home. (by: Lysana Lafas)
  • I lied and they caught fire.. (by: oneswhoneveryawn)
  • Need to change but don’t want to go upstairs (by: Lisa Miller)
  • I don’t own any…
  • One drunk day I made a pact with the devil.  After breaking it, I had to suffer the consequences
  • Someone responded positively to my “eat my shorts” request
  • A robber caught up to  me after I got out of work and  was extremely jealous of how good my butt looked in them.
  • Today was another “bad pants day”
  • I was excited to show everyone the pair of underwear I found in the clearance section
  • someone ripped off my shirt so I ripped off my pants, so I didn’t look stupid
  • I want to start the next regrettable fashion craze
  • …there is a rumor going around that pants are revealing their relationships with belts and running away…
  • I went into my closet and someone had stolen all of my pants, leaving a note saying, “Will return for some shoes.” (by: MEF)
  • My imaginary friend said pants were overrated and underwear was understated. Of course I listened. (by:MEF)
  • Hipster Answer: I am wearing pants you just never seen them before. (by:Ashlyn)

List of good candy brands

  • skittles
  • M&M’s
  • nerds
  • sour patch kids
  • snickers
  • 3 musketeers
  • sour punch
  • fruit by the foot
  • life savers
  • redveins
  • sweetish fish
  • almond joy
  • kit Kat
  • Jesus pamphlets
  • butterfingers
  • gummy bears/ gummy worms
  • jelly belly tootsie rolls
  • lollipops
  • bubble gum

( You also just read a list of what ends up in you Halloween bag at the end of the night, although it does not last very long!)

By: Citlali and Janine Cabrera

Why should you not feel guilty about cheating

  • If the other person does not make privacy for their own test, and put the privacy folder on the other side where there is nothing and nobody there. It is obvious that you peak over when you need and answer. #do not feel guilty!
  • When the other person tells you what number they are on, and you peak over because you are on the same number or either they are ahead of you in the test. #do not feel guilty!
  • When they put their answer sheet on the side you are on, you instantly think “ooh let me check my answer’s” when you really thinking “Let me copy your answer’s”. #do not feel guilty!

                                                                                    By: Janine Cabrera