If You Could Mind!

It is the worst when your attempts to dagger someone in the heart with a mean retaliation comment fails to hit the target. As it it seems, me and those who suffer the same challenge have a difficult time with the follow through section of the mission. I would not mind one bit if the target helped by picking up the dagger and plunging it into himself, himself! The mission cannot be crossed off the list until I get some sort  of verbal understanding that I have been successful. Satisfied with ouchies and tears. (yes, tears speak).

Subtle Way to Give those Creepers the Message

When someone you don’t know asks you where you live and you have a feeling that the person is a weirdo creep (or there is no guessing, he just looks the part) write this address down for ’em:

911 Please Dnt.
Stalk, ME 95035*

*The zip code is just the one of the current location where you are being asked for your info…

Step 1. Quickly and Casually Analyze Door.

To avoid lookin’ like an Idiot when you failed at opening it. Implies you fail at opening soda cans. Also the simple things in life. Its okay though. Life should come with an instructional video, not manual as we wouldn’t even open it unless it had a hundred dollar bill inside and a coupon for a free large pizza. Lets just be good looking when we act like idiots so we get a nice shiny trophy.