Let’s Be Real

“You Can’t Touch Music…..But Music Can Touch You”

-Regular Show

If that is truly what occurs….*shivers*

These ear buds my brother gave me who soon will come to a horrible demise really focus the energy from the songs belonging to the station you’re listening to on Pandora. And if I close my  eyes its just like  I am  actually in a dark secluded room (assumption on current room occupation) .And out of the walls’ mouth they sing a selection songs one could possibly enjoy.


R.I.P Pillow

After a long day of testing my fifth period my teacher put on the movie ANNIE. I remember when the orphans are cleaning and then they start wacking eachother with pillows. Feathers start coming out of the pillows and flying everywhere. I want one of those pillows…..

Feeling like Christopher Columbus With My New Discovery: P.S.S.T

Wikipedia defines P.S as Postscript, (post scriptum), a message appended to a letter after the writer’s signature.

I’ve used P.S in a bunch of the notes I write but I never knew what it stood for. So of course first I tried to figure it out myself. Umm …. Pickled sneaker…pretty secret…err the second one sounds close but I know it’s not right. So I Google it and DING! There it is .Postscript. But…

Then there is P.S.S. After your done with your P.S, you end that thought with a period and then you have another thought you’d like to add to the note. You have to write it separately but how do that? P.S.S of course! But what does the third S stand for? Well I couldn’t think of anything that made sense SO I added a T making it P.S.S.T. Umm.. Post Script, Stop Talking or psst(:

Love-Hate Relationships With Your Material Objects

So here are some things I(definitely) and you(maybe) love then hate:

– New Clothes.
I think this happens to loads of people, especially girls. something just isn’t the same. Its like its magically transformed into something awful.
The Weekend.
Sometimes its too short or nothing is good on T.V. or you don’t do anything and you just stay home.
A Song.
Its been played too many times or I finally understand hat the song is about and its disgusting.
Particular People.
The more you get to know them you realized the friendship is not meant to be.
– A Color.
As a little kid I liked the color pink. Now I like the color orange.
Your Haircut.
It looks goood BUT it didn’t turn out how you wanted it. Now its terrible. You wanted it just like the person in the picture. You can never get it just like the picture. Stupid picture….
Some Books.
If I am forced to read a book there is a good chance by the time I finished it I will hate it and want to burn it…but its a school copy so I must return it in perfect condition. Sometimes I will like a book, sometimes. Then I want to keep it but again I am reminded it belongs to the school. *sigh*
– Food.
Not food all together, I mean a food. Like maybe you love cake and you eat a whole bunch of it then you get sick and throw up now you hate it. I like cake but I have gotten sick from eating some foods and now they’re the nastiest thing ever.

There are also times you hate something and then later on you love them. Weird but True.

How to Survive Life by Only Watching TV.

1.Choice of Television.

One which doesn’t give off so much radiation. That shortens your lifespan dramatically. These are the ones to avoid. My theory is the bigger the TV the better likelihood of producing offspring as smaller TVs focus those bad waves straight at the face. While the better quality large TV have a larger surface area so not so much of the radiation is on you and much more on your enemies (as your enemies are always right behind you stalking and are to blame for all your unexplainable tripping on flat surfaces).

2. Comfy Seat.

From love couches, bean bags, and spinning desk chairs with an armrest. Once you are sold with the sweet spot you’ve discovered, mark it with a sharpie because once you lose it, you never ever find it again. The couch will appreciate the new tattoo. Now he won’t seem like such a softy to the ladies.

3. Sustenance.

Get the yummy tasting food. If you decide to live the health junkie life style that supposedly increases life expectancy, lets face the truth, you will end up killing yourself for that choice. We need our daily dose of chocolate cake, chocolate bars, and our beloved chocolate milk which create the beautiful chocolate milk mustaches.

What Finals Have Done to Me.

Hello sweet world  sweet loving World.

Did I tell you that today? ^___^ Its true. Thanks for not exploding today, ending, killing me us all. Should I stop using hairspray now. From me, a token of gratitude. I believe that is  counter productive. Like not using this time to study for finals. Why?! DON’T QUESTION ME! I OWN you, World. You are welcome. You have yet to be exploded as that would not be a nice thing to do to my mom. She likes the flowers and the ability to breathe and ohhh….LIVE!! Also I really enjoy my mom’s food.

My point is… you(World)and I (Crazy Daisy) need to compromise.  You can continue your natural process of lava erupting volcanoes, tornadoes twirling like ballerinas, etc. etc. and  I will spit my gum where I please which are into napkins not my hair, hairspray the bananas out of my hair, and abuse my natural resources. Have you heard the saying: Mi casa es su casa? Lets apply it here. OKIE DOKIE. (: Anything else? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.  I take your silence as total agreement to everything I said and anything else I say in the future.

Love & Zombies,


P.S. I have a couple of favors to ask.

  1. Don’t shift out or in  of alignment. Stay where you are.  Its just safer this way.
  2. Give me some shade when its needed. Yeah?

“FREEDOM!!!” Oh wait, I have to go to school…

Good-bye door.

Hello big fat fluffy black kitty.

Hello stairs.

Hello unclimbable tree.

Hello daddy of big fat fluffy black kitty.

Hello spot where dad’s car should be waiting for me.

Oh, hello daddy’s car.

Hello late daddy.

Hello red light making me late.

Good-bye red light making me late.

Hello bus people.

Hello freeway.

Hello road kill.

Good-bye green light.

Nobody wanted you anyways.

Hello car accident.

I hope you have insurance.

Hello school.

Good-bye late daddy.

Hello security guard.

Hello late speech.

Hello tardy slip.

Hello teacher.

Meet tardy slip.

Hello person in my seat.

Hello unwanted seat in the back.

Hello drawing on my desk I wish I hadn’t seen.

Meet Eraser.

No! Your ink powers are to powerful against my High-Polymer Eraser.

Hello whiteboard.

Sorry for staring.

Hello new pile of homework.

Good-bye undone homework.

Hello bell.

Good-bye friends.

Hello person who said hi.

Hello steep hill.

Hello longest line ever created by humans, literally.

Hello person I cut, not literally.

Hello food.

Hello second line.

Hello ID #.

Hello lost friends.

Hello seats.

Meet butt.

Hello food in tummy.

Hello bell.

Good-bye friends.

Hello Johns the Seagulls.

Hello last bell.

Hello door.

Hello teacher.

…………(Hello Future.)

Good-bye teacher.

Good- bye school.

Hello brother’s car.

Hello brother.

Hello unnecessary lyrics.

Hello traffic.

Good-bye brother and brother’s car.

Hello sidewalk.

Hello stairs.

Hello big fat fluffy black cat.

Did you get fatter?

We meet again, door.

Hello  door.

Hello home.

Hello floor meet backpack and shoes.

Hello sofa. Meet feet. Hello remote.

Hello T.V.

Hello Jersey Shore.

“Hello Daisy, thanks for tuning in and making us richer ”

Hello Homework. Good-bye T.V.

Hello distractions.

Hello Facebook. Hello Friends.

Good- bye friends.

We meet again homework.

Hello brain. Hello answers.

Good-bye homework.

Hello bed.

Hello pillow.

Hello blankets.

Hello T.V.

Good Night Daisy.

Hello sleep, I think I wanna’ marry you~

Step 1. Quickly and Casually Analyze Door.

To avoid lookin’ like an Idiot when you failed at opening it. Implies you fail at opening soda cans. Also the simple things in life. Its okay though. Life should come with an instructional video, not manual as we wouldn’t even open it unless it had a hundred dollar bill inside and a coupon for a free large pizza. Lets just be good looking when we act like idiots so we get a nice shiny trophy.

Fueling the Addiction.


I want one!! (: What holiday is coming up that allows other people to spend their money on me? ….uhhh…. mmmm… a little help here?!?!? …hmm…Valentines? So this is as a good as I could do on my excuse: BUNNY OF LOOOOOOVE. YEAH! (: See he wants a hug…and some brains. It kind of reminds me of Timmy Turner’s zombie bunny.