What Finals Have Done to Me.

Hello sweet world  sweet loving World.

Did I tell you that today? ^___^ Its true. Thanks for not exploding today, ending, killing me us all. Should I stop using hairspray now. From me, a token of gratitude. I believe that is  counter productive. Like not using this time to study for finals. Why?! DON’T QUESTION ME! I OWN you, World. You are welcome. You have yet to be exploded as that would not be a nice thing to do to my mom. She likes the flowers and the ability to breathe and ohhh….LIVE!! Also I really enjoy my mom’s food.

My point is… you(World)and I (Crazy Daisy) need to compromise.  You can continue your natural process of lava erupting volcanoes, tornadoes twirling like ballerinas, etc. etc. and  I will spit my gum where I please which are into napkins not my hair, hairspray the bananas out of my hair, and abuse my natural resources. Have you heard the saying: Mi casa es su casa? Lets apply it here. OKIE DOKIE. (: Anything else? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.  I take your silence as total agreement to everything I said and anything else I say in the future.

Love & Zombies,


P.S. I have a couple of favors to ask.

  1. Don’t shift out or in  of alignment. Stay where you are.  Its just safer this way.
  2. Give me some shade when its needed. Yeah?