Let’s Be Real

“You Can’t Touch Music…..But Music Can Touch You”

-Regular Show

If that is truly what occurs….*shivers*

These ear buds my brother gave me who soon will come to a horrible demise really focus the energy from the songs belonging to the station you’re listening to on Pandora. And if I close my  eyes its just like  I am  actually in a dark secluded room (assumption on current room occupation) .And out of the walls’ mouth they sing a selection songs one could possibly enjoy.

Subtle Way to Give those Creepers the Message

When someone you don’t know asks you where you live and you have a feeling that the person is a weirdo creep (or there is no guessing, he just looks the part) write this address down for ’em:

911 Please Dnt.
Stalk, ME 95035*

*The zip code is just the one of the current location where you are being asked for your info…