Everything Has an Evil Twin

If only the evil twins helped by identifying themselves properly

If everything has an evil twin, I must investigate and identify them properly.

Pencil: The irreversible

Cats: Dogs

Arguments: World peace

Teacher:  Disciples

Imagination: Math

Torturing : Entertained

Glue: Gravity

Door: Freedom

Sparkles: Dandruff

False Advertising: The truth will set you  free!

Ticklish: Grumpy

Racing: Eh, I will get to it eventually

Obvious: Mumbling

Love: The disgust for the cootie-infested

Balance: Injuries due to clumsiness

Books: The movie version

Food: The inedible

Punch: Punch

Potential: An inconvenience to society

If only identifying who is the evil twin between the two were simple. It’s not like the Simpsons where a scar serves for identification purposes.

Philosophy, “Nothing to do with a Phil”

ImageHere I share the standards at which life is best viewed, lived, and enjoyed:

  • The illogical is logical: examples: I am not to blame, society is.& Everything I say should be taken as a fact (for the sake of avoiding any future confusion)
  • Some things are worth repeating: Life (reincarnation),Songs (long live the one-hit-wonder!), Plates of food, Funny sounding words of phrases that tickle the tongue (OH, my love for tongue twisters),Claps, when meant for applause. One clap is just odd. That is more appropriate when you want to redirect attention to yourself ((also known as hogging the spotlight from oh….me!))
  • Ignorance/ Stupidity is a fantastic card to play in an awkward situation.
  • The brain is the temple and the heart pays its rent.
  • Friendship is precious .There aren’t many people who accept a nutcase.
  • When there are no words to express how you feel, it must be a sign to shut up.
  • We have more potential then we know but since we did not get handed a manual to read or an instructional video to watch we will end up wasting our life.
  • The ability to think is magical but also the fact that there has yet to be invented a device that can read our thoughts,  exposing our individual plots to take over the world, or our cunning lies that passed by the individuals they were told to.Also,  *crossing fingers* any other imaginable horrible ending that has yet to occur is. (ideas have already been claimed by a movie director who plans to create a movie based on a horrible ending creating a movie like Jurassic Park.)
  • All men were originally meant to be created equal but then the printer jammed due to its heroic attempt to end what will become the destruction of Universe but failed and what resulted was mutation.