I broke up with Food, the one with the bad rep.

It is official.

What is?, you may be asking ,

or not caring to waste energy on that  because you know I will be answering the question now.

My breakup with Food.


I am known to break up

And return to Food with an open heart,

forgiving Food for all fat it have caused

Yet what food,

does not know is

I am sneaky too.

While food thinks

Its bringing me closer

To make my gauge pass overload,

and cause an explosion.

I am going to the gym.

Where considering to return to that Food,

With a bad rep,

Is similar to taking

Two steps forward

and then the chain

which you didn’t realize Food shackled to your ankle

pulls you all the way back,

scraping and bruising your body and mind.

I cannot take food back.

At least not the one I was with,

who had the bad rep.


Christmas Tree

Sparkly. Big. Beautiful. With  a history I’d rather not hear. Lets start out fresh. Natural. Smelly. In a good way though. Green with Chloroplasts that are near death. Ticking time bombs. Then the tree will be brown. Unwanted. On the curb. (which isn’t really that curby) Next to the trash can. Then nowhere in sight. Lasted only a month. Longest. Relationship. Ever.

Things I Should Mention Next Time We See Each Other.

…but won’t.

Why you ask?!?! 


Everyone Loves Surprises.

  • I need more cash because all the little you gave me, I already spent.
  • I’ve taken your identity as my own to buy this BRAND NEW CAR!!!
  • You know that thing you said not to tell another soul. Well you know me…slip of the tongue…
  • There is a bomb under your seat.
  • Speak up. This conversation is being monitored.
  • I’ve forged your signature countless times.
  • I left the gate open , letting your dog escape. I hate that dog.
  • Your pains that hurt like hell are a result from the numerous pricks I inflicted to your voodoo doll.
  • I never loved you.